I heard the title phrase the other day; in genuine serious conversation… Now, I’m not racist, I want to make that completely clear but this topic does get under my skin. The argument you can’t be racist to a white person because they’re priviliged is stupid. Of course you can; it’s outright double standards otherwise.

“Reverse racism doesn’t exist” is another one I’ve heard. So, let’s say for example a black man comes up to me as a white man and insults me based on the colour of my skin. People seriously want to argue that this isn’t racism; to the extent where it can’t be because the white people are not an oppressed people.

So, let’s move to South Africa where an increasing white population is struggling and are feeling neglected and oppressed by the black government. (There’s a very interesting BBC Reggie Yates documentary on it) Can these white people now be the subject of racism?

What I’m getting at is why should a person’s situation decide whether they can be the subject of racism?

I’ll finish with two quick anecdotes.

I clearly remember a conversation with my best friend of the time. She was telling me about how a black man had been shunned out of a “white bar” and how wrong this was. Okay, of course this is wrong and it’s disgusting behaviour. However, when I told her that in Redcliffe, Bristol I’ve been forced to stay avert the direction I’ve been walking because of intimidation from black people she shunned it and said that it’s very different because I’m a white person and we’re not oppressed?!

Secondly, I was on a train and a family of black people got on the train. The boy, was wearing a jumper that said ‘black is better’. Great, good for him. I’ve no problem with that; however it did get me to thinking and I’ll leave you with the thought;

Can you imagine if a white person wore a jumper saying ‘white is better’. Safe to say the response to his/her attire would be very different!