Did you know that the carbon produced by two google searches is the same as boiling a kettle? (BBC)   Throughout 2017 the average amount of daily searches is 7,766,000,000… That’s an awful lot of carbon! (Web)

How brilliant would it be if you could offset the carbon you produce through this search, without having to do anything?

How, you ask?

Ecosia. Strange looking word? It’s possible you’ve never heard of it? Well, neither had I until recently.

What is it?

Well, Ecosia is quite simply a search engine, much alike google; in fact it more or less is google. I have noticed no difference between the searches produced by google and the searches produced by Ecosia; in fact even the layout is the same! However, there is one difference, Ecosia is making a big difference to the environment. Ecosia plants a tree after every so many searches, in fact it equates to as little as 56 searches required per tree planted. This brilliant initiative offsets your carbon footprint.

You may be thinking that planting trees won’t have much impact; what’s the point? Well if you are, here’s a couple of facts for you…

–> An acre of trees can take in enough CO2 to offset the carbon produced by the average UK car driving 25,000 miles!

–>A single tree can absorb 48lbs of CO2 a year; this therefore means it only takes 46 of these trees to absorb a tonne of CO2.

These are just two of many examples of the positive environmental impact trees have, so how do you use Ecosia?

You simply make Ecosia your default search browser and it does the rest. It works as you click on ads, making money from this. However, it still works even if you use ad blocker and they even condone this on their website saying it doesn’t matter if you use an ad blocker, the more users they have the more ads are attracted to their search engine meaning more money and more trees! Ecosia donates 80% of its surplus profit to tree planting and donates to many large projects such as the Plant a Billion Trees programme run by the Nature Conservancy. (wikipedia)


Above is the Ecosia search engine, looking very much like google itself and with searches that appear no different to google either… In the top right corner it shows how many trees you have planted. (So I’ve planted 288 trees which I think is pretty cool?). In fact in total Ecosia has planted 6,409,228 trees at the time of this post.

At the moment Ecosia’s focus is purely on reforestation assisting with existing projects that are in Peru, Burkina Faso and Madagascar providing money, trees and help.

It’s such a simple thing to do, yet makes such a big difference. Take a minute out of your day to make this simple change and you can search the web in the knowledge that you are helping the environment!

(Ecosia Info)

(Ecosia FAQ’s)