It’s Trump again, apologies. It’s a short entry, don’t worry.

However, as a resident of the UK I’m forever inundated with media coverage of protests against Donald Trump, in particular opposed to his visit to the UK. Yes, Donald Trump is a massive so and so and should never have got anywhere near the position of President of what is arguably the worlds most powerful nation. It is truly terrifying; however; it is lunacy to try and ban him from visiting the United Kingdom.

We musn’t forget that he does represent one of our strongest trade partners and a natural alliance that has existed between the two nations since Churchill and arguably before. The potential for trade is massive and with our exit from the EU, could be all the more important. It is because of this that we NEED Donald Trump to visit the UK and we NEED to get along with him, regardless of how much of a so and so he is.


This photo (The Independent) has no purpose,  it’s purely here because it made me laugh. It’s just so British; I count seven police for about twenty “riotous” mostly elderly village folk…